Spun Spectra Full Series

This is the complete 21 image Spun Spectra series outlining the diversity and simple complexities of spider web structures as illustrating by the capture of sunlight refracting and diffracting. These prints are available in 28″ x 40″ format framed in 4″ deep Western Red Cedar, back-lit with LEDs and capped off with a resonating 1/4″ cedar panel as the back of the frame. They are powered with a lead acid battery and chargeable for wireless hanging. For inquires about this series, please contact Nicolas via the contact info at the bottom of the page.



NTP_6955 NTP_2841 NTP_9533 NTP_0430 NTP_9761 NTP_1753 NTP_7002 NTP_7895 NTP_6984 NTP_9958 NTP_7643 NTP_8718 NTP_1317 NTP_9494 NTP_1773-2 NTP_9718 NTP_0230 NTP_7022 ss-bg-img NTP_2588 NTP_1276

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