• Nicolas Teichrob

Nicolas is an award-winning photographer/filmmaker who holds a Master of Science degree in Geography/Geology. His unique eye has garnered many accolades while his photos have been published internationally in skiing, biking, and surfing media outlets.  Nicolas seeks to expand the collective awareness of environmental issues while encouraging outdoor recreation and exploration of our wild places.  Nicolas has worked on many creative film projects including STAND (2013), Jumbo Wild (2015), Numinous (2017) and Uninterrupted (2017). The creative hub of Roberts Creek, BC continues to be a strong influence on Nicolas’ imagery and has led to early collaborations with Giorgio with the forest installation project Sound Garden (2015/2016/ ongoing) utilizing projections and sounds intermixed with nature.  Having recently joined the Laboratorio Arts Society, Nicolas looks forward to chasing and sharing further ideas and multi-faceted collaborations while bringing synesthetic experiences into our immediate periphery.



• Giorgio Magnanensi

Born and raised in Italy, Giorgio Magnanensi currently lives in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. His diverse artistic practice includes composition, conducting, improvisation, circuit-bending and video art. From the early 80’s to date he has been working as a composer, conductor, educator, and performer in Europe, Japan and Canada. He is artistic director of Vancouver New Music, Laboratorio Arts Society and lecturer at the School of Music of The Vancouver Community College.