Gibsons Public Art Gallery Installation

In October of 2017, Spun Spectra made it’s debut in an indoor gallery space, transforming the Gibsons Public Art Gallery into a synesthetic space observing and listening to spider webs. In addition to the wirelessly lit images, we had 6 of the frames resonating audio as curated by Giorgio Magnanensi. Below are some photos of […]

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NTP_3513 copy

SoundGarden and Spun Spectra – a video summary

SoundGarden is an annual audio-visual installation in Roberts Creek, BC, by Nicolas Teichrob and Giorgio Magnanensi. Utilizing multiple projectors, embedded sounds, along with live and interactive audio and video components, SoundGarden transposes a familiar forested creek environment to an unpredictable and stunningly beautiful synesthetic experience at night. Launched in 2015, the 2016 shows included the […]

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Spun Spectra / Opening Show

Spun Spectra Opening Show, July 22/23, 2016 – Roberts Creek, B.C. The gallery environment is a unique space, often clean and devoid of ‘distractions’ allowing an art piece to take the sole attention of the guest’s eyes and mind.  This can be an incredibly effective method to view art, however for Spun Spectra we wanted […]

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