Spun Spectra Video

While photographing the spectra in webs over the years, when the opportunity was right, I managed to grab some video clips of this magic.  I am very excited to finally share Spun Spectra, the short film with everyone.

Spun Spectra from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

Spun Spectra is a short film based on the photo series by artist Nicolas Teichrob (www.spunspectra.com) which showcases the natural optical phenomena of the rainbow spectra created by sunlight passing through spider webs. Of form and function unknown, certainly distinct, similarly unique yet consistently variable, the spectra of webs have likely hit everyone’s eyes from afar but subconsciously pushed to the periphery of our observations. The fine details of colour wait for a participating observer to simply take a closer look and bring them to the forefront. To look and listen with a truly wide open perspective allows us to better understand the natural world around us, the billions of years behind us and resultantly have a more thorough understanding of the present as a function of the past and future. Further, these images invite us all to engage in the full range of spatial scales far beyond the average, from the micro to the macro and everything in-between. Beauty in nature surrounds us all.

Cinematography by Nicolas Teichrob (www.spunspectra.com)
Audio by Giorgio Magnanensi (www.giorgiomagnanensi.com)


Please share and help expand the collective awareness of the world around us!



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